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  1. Outside third rail in S Scale?

    S Scale
    Hello all, I've recently become aware that, back in the heyday of three-rail O Scale modeling (~1930s-1950s), it was not uncommon for modelers to modify their rolling stock to draw power from a more-prototypical outside third rail instead of the (in)famous center rail. Out of curiosity, would...
  2. Building a Bullet Train with Working Traction Motors

    HO Scale
    hey all. I'm not so familiar with this site as I am not on here so often, but I have been working on something a while I would like to share. I got lucky one day in fall of 2016, and on ebay, I found a model of the original 12 car bullet train set from a 1960's Japan. (named the "0 Series...
  3. Athearn SW1500 chassis for Interurban cars?

    HO Scale
    So I just saw on Facebook, a traction modeler use an a Athearn SW1500 chassis, for powering a 3D printed model of Charles City & Western No. 50 (an Interurban car I believe is at Boone, Iowa). How tight a curve can an SW1500 from Athearn take?
  4. How can I tell the age of my Bowser Jewett?

    HO Scale
    I have a dummy/powered pair of Bowser Jewetts, and I'm trying to motorize the dummy. How can I tell if a NOS chassis in-stock at Bowser, will fit the my car? Any ideas? If it helps, they came in green boxes with various Bowser traction items and the current part numbers as listed in their parts...
  5. Paper Bullets

    HO Scale
    So over Christmas, I was cleaning my room, and I found my September 1950 "HO Monthly", and in it is the blueprint for a P&W Brill Bullet car. There were also some template jigs, and I put together this paper mock up of a Brill Bullet. Here are the pictures: Would Shallacked Card Stock...
  6. Tyco questions

    HO Scale
    I love model trains and so does my six year old grandson. I used to dabble in HO but have stayed primarily.with the larger gauges. However, my grandson is leaning to HO. I uncovered an old Tyco red GG-1 while cleaning out my garage. I can't even remember acquiring it. The engine runs and...
  7. Portable layout for an apartment dweller

    Beginner Q & A
    Hello all, some of you know that I am a new entry to the model traction hobby and that I have been researching this for close to a year now. The reason for the indecisiveness is due in part of the fear of making mistakes and mostly due to the lack of money. After considering placing the layout...
  8. Mister Rogers Model Trolley Layout!

    General Model Train Discussion
    On the spur of couriousity, what scale did Mister Rogers use for his Neighborhood where the Bakery, the Music Shop and his television House were? And what scale did he use for the Neighborhood of Make Believe models in the Kitchen, and his "real" trolley to the Neighborhood. I'm most courious...
  9. A "practice" layout for rookies

    General Model Train Discussion
    I remember seeing a video of a person who built a small train layout and they stated that it was a practice layout to gain experience needed to build something more ambitious. I got the urge to run with this idea and build a 2' x 4' traction layout featuring a small downtown in the front of the...
  10. Now have job/will build first traction layout

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hello all, for the past oh I say two months I have been researching building my first model layout. I have visited model layouts in the past and told myself that I really like this stuff but I would like it better as a spectator. A few months ago I figured that it would be a hoot to run trains...
  11. Input sought on new trolley layout

    HO Scale
    I have found and started playing with Xtrkcad and came up with a track plan which I think will work out. The dimensions of the layout will be 5.5' by 3.5'. The idea was to have something that I could store under my futon frame. The plan to have a simple loop on the ledge separating my kitchen...