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  1. HO Scale
    I've recently decided to build a large train layout and will be moving to dcc from single train layout . I'm looking for guidance on transformer size, best wattage, amount of feeder points, etc before I purchase products. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Technical Model Train Forum
    I picked up a Lionel Type 4050 60-W transformer and the speed control when in the off position still has power. I have never worked on a transformer before, does anyone have a resource on how I might fix this problem. Other than not going to "off" the transformer does not hum or get hot -- it...
  3. Technical Model Train Forum
    I have 60 ft long O scale layout with 3 layers of track on 1 transformer (MRC). The layout is divided into two sections. One part is 12 feet wide and the other about 24 feet wide. Is it possible to add a second transformer in the other section to help the existing transformer? There is a lack...
  4. Beginner Q & A
    Ok, let me first start off by saying that the layout I am constructing will be 100% protosound 2/3 and dcs. My only previous experience has been with a single loop conventional ac layout. On this new layout I will only be running two trains at the same time with around 5 lighted cars on each...
  5. O Scale
    Hello, I recently acquired a decent sized mixed pre and post war train set. I couldn't get power to the tracks with one of the transformers and upon opening it up, the wire that goes from the U post to I-don't-know-where is not connected to anything. I'd like to get power to my tracks so that...
  6. O Scale
    :confused: my ZW is a 275 watt unit, works great, so is the wattage divided X four channels, or does each channel get 275 watts, I think I know ,I just wanted to dubble check...........mike :D
  7. O Scale
    I posted this in the wrong Forum; sorry new to this business. What is the minimum voltage I need to apply to a Marx remote switch to cause it to engage? I have a 1033 transformer with 5, 11 or 16 volt terminals. Thanks, Dan:confused:
  8. Layout Design Forum
    I have 2 zw transformer and one kw for my layout. four separate trains + a trolley 11 operating accessories 2 beacons 2 floodlights street lights 10 crossing gates 2 operating buildings various signal lights 12 + switches What is the best way to wire this many things? The only thing I know for...
  9. O Scale
    Hi all, First time poster here. I am looking for advice in upgrading my layout... here's the detail: Over the past 7 years I've been building up my collection... comes out and goes under the tree each year. The layout has grown in size and accessories, and I have a collection of different...
  10. O Scale
    I am building a new layout that will contain 97 feet of 0-27 track. Loco and 6 cars only. What kind if wattage will it require? How far apart should drops be?
  11. O Scale
    I've got TWO MTH DCS engines running on my O layout. I have been using a 60 watt MRC transformer and they run great. Then I hooked up 6 remote switches and now I get a short circuit shut down after about 2 mins of running. Me thinks the power to the tracks is not enuf, so a bigger transformer...
  12. O Scale
    I presume you can use one or the other. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons? I have an "O" layout. I want to add DCS and was thinking of an MRC, MTH or Lionel Transformer, then I saw that some use the power bricks without a transformer. Need some education on the subject. Thanks Much, Mr. Bill
  13. O Scale
    In my recent intro posting I was asked to attach some pics, so here they are, just out of storage after at least 25 years. I also have several questions, but I'll keep them to a few if its ok Can anyone ID that black tower? What can I use to fix the hinges(There's probable a better name)on...
  14. O Scale
    I have a Lionel Power Max Plus Transformer / Controller. It came with FasTrack. It is only 40 watts. It will run a train on the flat, but that is about all. My Williams FA will run with it and horn works. Now, I also have an MRC 600 - total output is 50VA. It worked fine until yesterday. I...
1-14 of 15 Results