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  1. O Scale
    I am looking for some type of electronics to run a trolley back and forth (point to point operation) on my mantle for the holidays. What I do not want is the trolley banging against the bumper to flip the reversing unit. Is there a product made that will slow the trolley down, stops and...
  2. Beginner Q & A
    Hi Everybody.... I am looking for recommendations for specific electronics to run a point to point trolley run, with regular ole DC. My scale maybe HO, O or G.... haven't really decided yet. I have seen some posts here online where there are wiring diagrams to make-your-own but that is just a...
  3. O Scale
    Question about my trolley how can I delay the time the trolley stays at each point? can a relay or automatic resetable breaker be used to keep the trolly at each station ?.........Mike
1-3 of 3 Results