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  1. O Scale
    What is the best, or easiest, or recommended way of pressing/compressing a replacement Truck Pivot Stud into place? The 'collector' truck is a Lionel O27 8030-15, and is part of my 8030 Illinois Central GP9 engine. The engine can be seen on the inner loop in this video...
  2. Model Train Photo Gallery
    New tractor trailer with catepillar load. Another shot of the layout
  3. O Scale
    Bar End Truck Postwar Era Shoe contact needing the fourth and fifth rail.It operated the coupler or a coil. Coil coupler Staple end that predated the Bar End Scout Coupler from the late 40's,not compatible with the standard coupler. Bottom plate became the adapter for the Scout truck...
  4. O Scale
    It starts with rust. The best way is to remove the wheels and wire brush them out. But the tabs breaks :(at the orange arrows. It's not the end of the truck. Just fix it. First you set the axle back in and use super glue on the joint. This hold everthing so you can support the back with...
1-4 of 4 Results