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  1. S Scale
    I dusted off my older engine today and discovered it runs better than my new engine. Only problem is that the tender has a link coupler on it. I've heard people say it is easy to change it. The thing is riveted in place, and I've only really used rivets before with leatherwork. Can anyone give...
  2. N Scale
    Does anyone know if there are metal wheels AND metal trucks available for N scale rolling stock? Are there [rolling stock] brands to be aware of, that might have any special considerations to keep in mind, if one were to want to modify their rolling stock in this way? (I know, with N scale...
  3. O Scale
    O Scale - Need to replace trucks on a boxcar. Old ones were plastic. Would like metal replacement trucks. Please advise where to get and is there a specific part name or number one should look for? Thanks. Mr. Bill
1-3 of 3 Results