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  1. O Scale
    I have had a couple boxes of track that i got 10 years ago it was old and crusty and i never bothered cleaning so never used it well im getting back into the hobby because i now have the money, well new track is expensive so i got out the boxes and spent 4 hours scrubbing them with a scotch...
  2. O Scale
    As I have said before, by answering your questions I learn things too. Ed had asuggestion I wanted show along with others. The clip on can be in the way and Ed's soltion was simply to add a strip of metal into the slit undr the rail. You could hide it but I got lazy and made them long for...
  3. O Scale
    A short project. I have two road signals one is Lionel the other is Marx. I plan to modify a track section to make the lights alternate. To do this I will isolate two small sections of track and the wheels will ground out the lights. I picked two curve sections One O and the other 027. I plan...
1-3 of 3 Results