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  1. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    The problem was solved
  2. HO Scale
    Hi everyone, I installed this Peco #5 electrofrog turnout driven by a Tortoise machine. The problem is power is not getting to every rail -- i'm hoping attached photo will explain. The stock rails are hard-wired to + and - and the frog gets its power from Tortoise's DPDT contacts, to flip...
  3. General Model Train Discussion
    I took the wiring diagram off of this site ( )and converted it into a simpler form for everyone to understand. Now I searched the web high and low to see if anyone had tried it. No posted any YouTube videos on how to set this circuit up. The closes video you...
  4. General Model Train Discussion
    Hi all, I am really baffled and would appreciate your help! I have a DCC layout with a reverse loop at each end. There is an auto reverse module at each loop, I gapped the track in the same places, but only one of the reverse loops is working. Here is a photo...
  5. Technical Model Train Forum
    The construction of the Chillicothe Subdivision of my ATSF layout is moving along nicely, but I’ve hit a few snags. Hope you guys have the fix. I’m modeling in HO gauge and using all PECO track with electrofrogs. I’m having some problems at some turnouts. All my TOs are on double layers of 3/16”...
1-5 of 5 Results