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  1. turnout wiring

    HO Scale
    I have 4 turnouts with switches that are the style where you the switch either left or right and slightly depress the switch to move the turnout. there are 3 wires for operation and 2 for power. the operation side uses a red, black, and green wire. What gauge should i use for the operation...
  2. Final tips for laying flex track

    HO Scale
    After about a year I am ready to start laying track on my 6' by 9' layout. I have atlas flex track (code 100), some atlas #6 switches ,and cork roadbed. I plan to have a 31" outer track and 28" inner track connected with the previously mentioned turnouts. I have marked the 31" outer radius and...
  3. LED's On Turnouts

    HO Scale
    So some may recall these recent post about LED's and turnouts. I decided to make it its own thred as it stared as a simple question under MDE's thread about servo switching and figured it was time to get his back under his topic. For those that are unfamilar, I want to mount LED's above the...
  4. Train stall on turnouts

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I am new to this hobby and have many questions. I currently have two Bachmann DCC locomotives running on two parallel ovals connected with non- DCC turnouts, the trains stall on these turnouts and some times stops completely. Is there a way to turn Non- DCC turnouts into DCC, what should I do?
  5. N scale code 80 double crossover WTB

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I need an N scale code 80 double crossover that will play nicely with the flex track that I already have. I'll also need a 30 or 45 degree crossing as well as a wye.
  6. Convert Bachmann non-DCC turnouts to DCC Control

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello All, I am new to this forum and have re-entered model railroading after a several decade hiatus. For my first setup I have tried to go the most inexpensive route and purchased the Bachmann "Your First Railroad" EZ Track Set along with a Bachmann SD40-2 DCC equipped Loco and the NCE Power...
  7. *update* Atlas code 55 shortage

    N Scale
    Just spoke to Steve Millenbach, csm for Atlas model rr. Here is the email about the status of n code 55 turnouts Hello, Due to a switch in Track factories our track has become quite scarce. We have started receiving the HO track. The N code 55 turnouts should start arriving...
  8. Turnout power

    HO Scale
    30 years ago when I was previously constructing railroads, turnouts or points as I called them would direct power to whichever direction the turnout was pointed. On setting up a layout and putting various engines in different parts of the layout I got quite a surprise when everything started to...
  9. Switches

    O Scale
    Does anyone know if there are switches other than Marx ones that a Marx engine can pass through? The Marx switches are hard to find and often don't work when I do find some. TLDiff
  10. Brand of Track You Prefer

    HO Scale
    Am new to the hobby and am building a layout. What brand of track do you prefer and why? I am looking at Atlas and Micro Engineering, but dont know which is better or if there is another brand that would be better still. Need some guidance please! Also, what brand of turnouts do you prefer...
  11. DCC Engines & DC Turnouts?

    HO Scale
    Hi All, I have a bunch of expensive #6 Shinohara turnouts left over from previous layouts. On my new layout I want to go DCC for sure but, the added hassles of changing the Shinohara's to be DCC friendly is a real turnoff, and the time to do them just isn't available right now. Can I have DCC...
  12. Reliable Switch Throws on Cheaper Turnouts?

    Beginner Q & A
    Hello, Being my first post here, perhaps a little context - I'm totally new to the hobby. My 4-year old absolutely loves trains (what 4-yr old doesn't?) and we've ridden some real ones, been to the Illinois Railway Museum a few miles away from us, he loves going to the "train store" to see if...
  13. Wiring multiple Atlas turnouts on one switch machine

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Hey, I'm new to the whole site and forum thing, but after searching through the forums for some time, have not been able to find a thread that answers my question. I have sections on my layout where I have laid double track. I added sets of Atlas turnouts on both so my train can interchange...
  14. turnouts for DCC

    Beginner Q & A
    Hey All, I have Bachman E-z track and I was wonderin' - when I switch to DCC do I HAVE to get DCC compatible switches? Can I run the switches seperate with my athearn power pack (hook up lights and switchs to dc power, seperate from DCC control?). Will this work? I want to go with a Bachman...