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  1. HO Scale
    Hello. I posted a whole ago about wiring the tracks of a turntable. New question, I was wondering if I can should or can run the red wire thru toggle switches and run the black wire from the bus and go track to track. So basically each track will have one wire live and the other wire switched...
  2. Layout Design Forum
    Hello! So i installed my Walthers 90' motorized turntable. Got it working and it's pretty cool!!! Install instructions were not the best LOL My question is "track power" for each loco sitting on a turntable leg/track. I know each track needs power for the loco to move. Should I install a...
  3. N Scale
    I have designed (with help from friends) a complete solution for controlling the Kato N Scale turntable with DCC and locally directly with a keypad. If interested read here: Kato Turntable Digital Control Version 3 – N Scale Model Railroads : A Personal Journey
  4. N Scale
    After attempting to run my engine from the approach track onto the finished build Atlas N scale turntable I carefully wired I found I my engine would stall immediately trying to run onto the turntable. A quick check with a volt meter revealed no power to either rail of the turntable even though...
  5. Layout Design Forum
    I know the answer: "well, it is your layout", but I want to know if this (attached image) makes sense: the turntable as part of the classification yard. Not my design, I found it surfing the web but I find it very interesting. I am still searching for a design for my 280x80cm additional section...
  6. Turntable

  7. Turntable

  8. General Model Train Discussion
    I thought this forum might like to se some other modeltrain creations then usual. I have made this creation for all the LEGO train fans out there. I hope it lives up the standards that you guys have.
  9. HO Scale
    I just wanted to let you know that I contacted my hobby dealer today. He told me that Walther's contacted him and that they believe that once again the DCC turntables will be delayed due to indexing problems. Blessings Art
  10. HO Scale
    Hi! I was wondering what every ones opinions are on Ho DCC turntables. At the price that they charge for them it would be nice to know what people think of the different brands. I am looking at the Walthers 130' DCC at $283.00 is it worth it, or should I look elsewhere? Thanx for your help...
1-10 of 10 Results