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  1. HO Scale
    Hello all, I recently found a GIJoe Tyco Plymouth switcher. It runs alright, but after comparing it to my other three locos, it's actually huge. It looks almost bigger than 1/60. But runs on the normal ho track. The GiJoe cars I came with are normal looking. Do any of you guys know why it's so...
  2. My Layout
    Live from New Armodilloville.
  3. My Layout
    I was really delighted to catch hold of this Tyco set. It had been five years of fruitless hunting on feeBay, Gum Tree AU, cold calling various hobby stores in Australia. It survived the 10,000 mile journey by mail, has the Gawd-Awful PT motor, and after a few brief stutters, sprang into life...
  4. Painting, detailing and decaling
    so I got this Tyco ALCO c630 golden eagle from my grandpa a little over 2 years ago and I'm painting with brush's. so yeahhere's what I got painted so far.
  5. HO Scale
    I posted before about Tyco and some wanted photos of what I have. There are also Pennsylvania, Athearn, Vollmer, and some unknowns. I do have some track and wires as well.
  6. HO Scale
    Hey everyone! I inherited some Tyco HO and I want to sell them to someone who will really love them and use them. As buyers, is it preferred to purchase them from someone like me if the train cars are still in their boxes (the boxes are discolored and damaged) OR should I write the name of the...
  7. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Got to downsize. Have O, S, G, and the HO scales have to go. Paypal F&F only, please. Prices are negotiable. Engines: Bachmann #51315 Baldwin 2-8-0 Consolidation Union Pacific #617 w/DCC Great runner w/boxSOLD Bachmann #608067's GP30 Diesel B&O #6936 w/ box w/ DCC. HAs damaged front...
  8. HO Scale
    hello forum! -- i'm hoping you can help me identify some of my father's old trains i found in the basement. can you tell me what these trains are and what (if anything) a collector might be willing to offer for them? Would it be worthwhile for me to offer them on ebay? Can you suggest a...
  9. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Vintage Tyco Train Set :SELLIT:The set has no box. It includes 2 engines, 1 fake engine, 10 cars, the track, the cork to mount the track, 2 light poles, telephone poles, signs, 4 trees, wiring, crossing, 2 lighted poles and the layout manual. This is a nice set and both engines work as well...
  10. HO Scale
    I recently acquired this: Sure, even though it's a Tyco product, it's very well-detailed! However, it has a bit of difficulty running. It looks like it wants to run, but struggles. The motor in the tender car makes kind of a squealing sound when I try moving it. I did put a little model...
  11. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    i bought a set today CHEAP with a neat IC loco and was wondering if tyco engine run well enough and if it is worth installing a digitrax decoder. Please give me your opionions. Thx, Penn$y
  12. HO Scale
    I believe this came from the 70's. All wheel worm gear drive with a center motor. The wipers are outside the wheels. Works like a champ. Two weights at each end and two screws hold the motor to the frame at the bottom.
  13. Retailer Deals
    FS HO Rolling Stock hughe List Hi Guys, i have to sell: 2 x Accurail HO S.C.L. #7533 AAR Triple Hopper Kit each $9 Accurail #7531 HO Scale Kit 70 Ton Offset Triple Hopper, CN $9 Athearn HO Scale Atlantic Coast Line #25629 40' Modernized Box Car (Stock #70420) $14 Athearn HO Scale Seaboard Air...
  14. Carpet Layout

    24" radius curves, all Atlas True Track Code 83
  15. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I too am looking to sell my old Tyco train set (HO scale brown box) that I haven't set up in a long time. This is a set from my childhood so it was played with. Most items are in good condition, but there are some small things that are broken. I can send representative photos of pieces (cars...
  16. HO Scale
    I just won this engine on EBay. Does anyone know much about it? Does it have smoke? How hard is it to convert to KDee couplers? Will it turn without derailing on a 15 degree radius piece of track? (My Bachmann 2-6-2 and 4-4-0 make it no issue. Tight corner to climb one hill.) Also how...
  17. Out Of The Paint Shop

    This was a B&O that was repainted to Southern by my 10 year old nephew
1-18 of 18 Results