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  1. Revenge of The Cajon: New BNSF VS Union Pacific Video!

    North America
    Hey guys, sorry been another busy last few months and I was sick for a while which didn't let me get out to much. Back and better than ever, wanted to bring to you guys episode III in the Battle of Cajon Series. Hope you all enjoy, more to come soon! Thank you for all you love, support and...
  2. O MTH Union Pacific Big Boy for sale

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    UPDATE 7/15/2018 - This has been sold. -mike
  3. Bachmann DC DD40X Diesel Union Pacific horn sound repair

    HO Scale
    I recently bought this loco 2nd hand. The loco runs, the blinking Led works and the light bulbs, but it has a horn sound and it doesn't work. Would anyone know how it supposed to work ? I suspect one the components on the "Space Age Electronics" on the PCB maybe faulty. I connected 5VDC to...
  4. A Battle at Cajon Pass, Winter 2018

    North America
    Hello everyone, It's been awhile! I've been dealing with business and school affairs the last few weeks and now back to work bringing ya'll some awesome, scuffed railroad content! Hope you all enjoy the venture to Cajon over the last few weeks, more new content coming soon!
  5. The U.P. Pink Ribbon

    The U.P. Pink Ribbon

    My latest N Scale acquisition
  6. BNSF Vs. UP: The Battle of Cajon

    North America
    Spent some time in Cajon a few weeks back. Non stop action as train after train rolled by. Hope you all enjoy.
  7. FS: Atlas HO Scale Union Pacific U30C's

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello, I'm putting up for sale 4 new in the box Atlas Union Pacific U30C's from the 2005 run. These were purchased brand new from a hobby store for my own personal collection. As I do with all locomotives that I purchase, I carefully took them out for inspection, test run and pictures only...
  8. HO Union Pacific Heritage Collection

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    It's all six HO scale trains of the Union Pacific's Heritage Colors collection, my step-dad decided it would be best to sell these. #1982 #1983 #1988 #1989 #1995 #1996 Also there's this N scale KATO Western Pacific set if you're interested.
  9. UP!DD40AX!athearn genesis

    HO Scale
  10. Is Bachmann good?

    HO Scale
    Alright, I'm new on this forum so I hope I posted this in the right spot. I ordered a Usra 0-6-0 with Smoke and Vanderbilt Tender - U.P. 4441 (Greyhound) from Bachmann. The price seemed alright to me. I'm also new to Bachmann.(I'm a Atheann guy) Is Bachmann a good train co? I also know on the...
  11. Union Pacific...BOOOO!!!

    North America
    For the most part I had loved having Union Pacific Railroad as my next door neighbor. It’s neat to watch the trains roll by, it was cool to lend a hand and help one of their guys over the winter to navigate the right way with a broken up train that had hit a fallen tree in a blizzard, I even...