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  1. O Scale
    Some of you may have seen my other thread on lighting passenger cars cheaply. This has been a fun project and I would like to post the final result in all of it's glory so people who don't want to dig through a massive thread can take advantage The #1 goal in all of this is to light my cars as...
  2. O Scale
    Howdy, I recently purchased what looked like a new in box Lionel 6-18040 Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 J-Class Steam Locomotive & Tender from 1995. We live in VA and my son is really excited to see the 611 come thru Manassas in a few weeks and when I saw an awesome deal on this 612 I couldn't pass it...
  3. Technical Model Train Forum
    Is there a replacement for the QSI Proto-Sound 1 controller? I have a Rail King (MTH) Southern Cresent Limited with Proto-Sound version 1. It is a beautiful engine and I'd like to run it, but there's a problem. It won't run. From the MTH website: "If the battery is discharged it will be unable...
  4. O Scale
    I've got an F7 Williams that I would like to upgrade with TMCC. Anyone done this type of modification? How easy or hard is it to do? Parts - get them thru Thanks for any help. Mr. Bill
1-4 of 4 Results