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  1. Product Promotion
    This fellow makes some very interesting circuit board stuff for model railroading. I have bought a few of his items and they work when received and the provided instructions for installation and use are easy to understand. Ken is available by email or phone to provide any help that maybe...
  2. Product Promotion
    I got lucky and have a chance to assemble a commercial trolley unit. The owner got it at the Big E show and passed it on after seeing te directions. My unit only has end to end and is cheep to build. This unit has mutiple stops, momentum breaking, enough capacity to handle G scale too. SO here...
  3. Product Promotion
    Do you like to build your own circuits from scratch, or do you just want something that is installation-ready? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Perhaps you want a kit with all the components needed and want to save money by doing the assembly yourself, or you have your own parts and only...
1-4 of 4 Results