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  1. Flashing Red Bulbs

    S Scale
    I learned how to wire up the 596 water tank that has been sitting around for over a year (I know, it has been too long) as well as adding in a couple end buffers (the ones with the red bulb in them) that are green in colour. I found a couple of spare red bulbs to put in and thought (especially...
  2. Slap Me, But Another Water Question

    Painting, detailing and decaling
    I watched a video a long time ago about creating realistic water. The guy used Mod Podge. He applies about 7 coats to get a real depth look to it. My question is can I mix the mod podge with paints. I would try it but A) don't have the time and B) don't have mod podge, yet.
  3. N Scale Surfline

    General Model Train Discussion
    I went down to San Clemente a few days ago and was inspired to do a N scale layout representation of the surfline. I have several questions: what can I use to model sand? How do I make rocks? How do I model waves and surf? Thank you! Brandon
  4. Water question

    Beginner Q & A
    looking for some thing cheaper to use for water then magic water or Realistic Water. is there any thing i could use that will work?
  5. Realistic water

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to create a realistic water stream ?? Thin flowing river (obviously not actually following) what I wanna know is like what cools paints to use and do I use like gravel flock on the bas?? I dunno help!
  6. realistic water

    HO Scale
    can the woodland scenics realistic water be used for more than an 1/8 in depth as long as it is allowed to dry in between layers...maybe a half inch total
  7. river and pond water

    Layout Design Forum
    I am using the blue extruded foam board.I would like to make a pond and a river on it.know how to,but the water part,I don't know about. I am thinking along the lines of using, ge 100% silscone sealant for the water.( I have a few tubes left from a remodel job at home here ) I am not sure about...
  8. modeling water

    N Scale
    Does anyone have any tips on modeling water to get a realistic look for water depth, etc. Everything I have seen has looked far from the real thing. Any ideas on what works AND what doesn't would be appreciated.