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whistle button

  1. DIY horn button not working.

    O Scale
    I tried to build half of this: I can't get it to work. Sometimes it will blow the horn briefly (like a tenth of a second) and then immediately stops. 6906 button works perfectly though. No idea what's wrong, I put five diodes in...
  2. Whistle Bell question

    O Scale
    I did some searching and see how to use two buttons to get both to work ( one at a time ) but was wondering, has anyone made their own buttons? I assume it has to do with a rectifying diode or something similar, but have nothing to go from. The reason I ask, I have an older 175 Watt transformer...
  3. ZW Transformer Whistle switch

    O Scale
    Guys, just bought a used ZW transformer from my local hobby shop and Lionel Train service center. My pocket book is still hurting:ohwell::ohwell:The owner said he went through the entire Transformer and replaced everything that showed any wear with new stuff. I will admit, it runs my trains...