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  1. Wiring guide

    HO Scale
    Looking at building a bigger more complete layout in ho. Currently just been messing with a 4x8. I am looking to see if anyone can recommend a good website or guide for wiring a layout and best practices do and donts Thanks Tommy
  2. wiring dcc power districts

    N Scale
    Anyone know how to wire the dcc track for separating or isolating to prevent total shutdown when there is a short circuit. I use NCE throttles and looked briefly at the EB1 circuit protector. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Lionel post war wiring

    O Scale
    Hi, I am relatively new to fixing trains. I have a Lionel 2031 that I recently purchased. The previous owner apparently tried to rewire the e-unit and relay horn but did not follow the wiring diagram. He did okay on the e-unit but not so good on the horn relay. I need to purchase some wiring...
  4. 356 power issues

    S Scale
    Been struggling with a 356 for quite some time now and just can't seem to get this baby to run. I have included some pictures to help with the information I have. I looked at an existing 356 that I have and the wiring looks correct but who knows, maybe I mixed something up. Anyways, here is what...
  5. HELP! Wiring on Gantry crane controllers. New Model 4 Old

    O Scale
    HELP! I purchased a Gantry crane and the controller didn't have a "lock" for the magnet. So I purchased an older model control which had the lock option. After spending a couple hours tracing leads and trying to match the action from the wiring of the controls then trying different combinations...
  6. HO HO Code 83 Track, Electrical Accessories and Terminal Joiners

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Electrical Accessories 1) Two brand new, unused Atlas #210 Twins. One in original, unopened packaging; the other in packaging opened for inspection only. Two or more Twins can be coupled together with the included spade lugs. $17.00 for both or $9.00 each. 2) One lightly used Atlas #210 Twin...
  7. turnout wiring

    HO Scale
    I have 4 turnouts with switches that are the style where you the switch either left or right and slightly depress the switch to move the turnout. there are 3 wires for operation and 2 for power. the operation side uses a red, black, and green wire. What gauge should i use for the operation...
  8. How to Divide Your DCC Layout into Short Protection and Power Management Districts

    General Model Train Discussion
    A video guide to help you decide how to divide your DCC powered layout into districts for short management and power boosters.
  9. Cheap and easy short protection for your DCC layout

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Before you spend $$$ on circuit breakers and extra high-tech equipment, here is a very easy and inexpensive way of managing short circuits on your DCC equipped layout that protects your locomotives and your DCC system as well as confines shorts to one district without shutting down your entire...
  10. need help with large length track

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am helping out with my wife's company train in their dental office. They have a long 200 ish foot g scale train. The track is reasonable flat: no noticeable inclines, with a lot of corners keeping the track next to the walls in many different shaped rooms. The train is run by a Bridgewerk...
  11. Beginner transformer/power and wiring questions

    Beginner Q & A
    Ok, let me first start off by saying that the layout I am constructing will be 100% protosound 2/3 and dcs. My only previous experience has been with a single loop conventional ac layout. On this new layout I will only be running two trains at the same time with around 5 lighted cars on each...
  12. Marx 666 engine - reverser wiring

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Need a wiring diagram for a Marx 666 engine. It's the model with smoker and e unit. Any help will be most appreciated. Trying tight an old unit going and some of the soldering was bad and had come loose. I'm a novice.
  13. Wiring help

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Hey guys, so in terms of the hobby I'm not new, I've done this hobby for over 12 years now, but only recently have I gotten into the more difficult track layouts (difficult for me) and the wiring is killing me. I recently switched over to kato unitrack for N scale and now that these turnouts...
  14. Train stuttering around the track

    HO Scale
    Alright I'm pretty new at this hobby and I just finished wiring up my table. I did block wiring with single cab and 8 blocks. I did a lot of research before I attempted to even start doing anything wire related. I just tried running a train around the track for the first time earlier today...
  15. Athearn Genesis GP38-2 DL Issue

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Hey Guys, I have an Norfolk Southern Athearn Genesis GP38-2; Road #5057; Model #G40627 w/ Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder and I am having a slight issue: DITCH LIGHTS 1. When starting the locomotive and turning on the headlights, the ditch lights come on simultaneously with the headlights...
  16. Power leakage

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Am reworking my layout and have run into a problem. Part of the layout includes two circles of Fastrak joined by a single set of switches. Power has been disrupted at the point between the adjoining turnout so that I may operate each circle separately. My problem is that both switches get...
  17. Penn Line GG1 Problem

    HO Scale
    Hi Everyone. I have an electrical issue with a Penn Line GG1. From what I can figure out, there is a dead short somewhere and I can not find it. And I have a hunch it came from the factory with this problem as the loco has hardly any signs of wear. This and looking at the internal wiring...
  18. General wiring question

    Layout Design Forum
    I have 2 zw transformer and one kw for my layout. four separate trains + a trolley 11 operating accessories 2 beacons 2 floodlights street lights 10 crossing gates 2 operating buildings various signal lights 12 + switches What is the best way to wire this many things? The only thing I know for...
  19. DCC?s Lost Lost Lost

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello, I am new to DCC, in fact i just started messing around with my N Scale stuff for the first time in 15 years and didn't know it existed until a few weeks ago. Being very intrigued by the possibilities i jumped into buy a MRC Prodigy Express set up. I have built a 3'x4' N Scale layout with...
  20. 022 switches

    O Scale
    I have a figure 8 layout, with two sets of 022 switches inserted to allow trains to reverse direction without backing up, by going through the middle of the figure 8. I wired the switches according to the 022 instructions sheet (connected constant voltage pins together, and wired them to the...