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  1. Layout Design Forum
    I'm building a dog-bone layout on a shelf. I have space for a small freight yard that also has some integrated industries services. I have my mainlines laid out, but can still change my yard design. The passenger service terminal is actually on the return main headed the other way.
  2. HO Scale
    Hello. On the picture below you can see different configurations of rail yards. All configurations, except first one, provides sidings of almost the same lengths.
  3. Revised Yard

    Revised yard
  4. Beginner Q & A
    In the mid/late 70's I got into HO model railroading. I had a 4x8 table with a simple layout which kept me (sometime) out of mischief as a teen. Unfortunately all that equipment is gone. But now with two grandsons, 2 & 10 months, and seeing some neat Christmas displays online, I'm getting the...
  5. HO Scale
    I am wanting to create a prototype of a remote control loco. I have a few questions to ask first. 1. Is/ are they only confined to rail yards. 2. Can they be used on main lines A. If so are they a lead loco and in the middle 3. What work best to replicate the transmitter box on the...
  6. Layout Design Forum
    Greetings! Fall has moved us back into the basement and it is time for trains! Our latest dilemma is over storage - the son and I scored a whopper of score: 50 cars at an estate sale for $15!:sold: After pricing out some Rubbermaid or Steri-lite storage bins, I realized it would be WAY...
  7. Layout Design Forum
    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and am very Green to the habit.... but I've been bit and big time! As most here, I have always had a love for trains since my father bought me a Tyco set 6 months before I was born (because as he told my mother a boy needs a Train Set!). Well... now 36 years later I...
  8. Layout Design Forum
    Will be the first layout I designed build by myself, did many with my grandfather when I was younger. I would like all criticism and comments, Thanks, Zach:cool:
1-8 of 8 Results