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.031 vs american flyer

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I tried some american flyer pre-war switches on my 031 layout and the switch curves dont match. ie one american flyer switch + one .031 lionel curve does not equal a quarter of a circle. I need a tighter curve. Is this because the pre-war american flyer is not 031 radius.
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Pre-was o scale. S would never connect to 031 lionel.
question at hand

Can someone just answer the original question without the history lessons.
American flyer o scale switch vs. lionel 031 curve

Pairing up the switches wont work because the radius is too short, hence it would look like half a figure eight. Pre-war american flyer for the most part is compatible with post war lionel 031 (black tie) lionel track. There must be a shorter curve segment to add to the switch.
Problem found

American flyer pre-war switches are 42" diameter. Now one thing I have noticed is that people dont know the difference between radius and diameter. Lionel track is in diameter. Here is an incorrect example I found on the net:

Lionel O-Gauge Track
Lionel track is characterized by its 3 rail design, where power is carried in the center rail. Standard curved track is available in radii of 42”, 54” and 72.” Lionel’s FasTrack has curve sections with radii of 36”, 48”, 60” and 70.”
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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