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127,137 Station Roof

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The building started on this thread. I wanted to show it off before I shipped it out. The chimneys were the challenge I made six. Then I had to use a larger one since one hole was cut too large.
When I do sheet metal with everbend you need to add a correction or trim the piece square. With all the little annoyances the piece came out just fine, sometimes I surprize myself. So Jim it's all ready to paint. It will come apart but remember the chimneys only go in, one hole one way.


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I KNEW it was Christmas in May ... I just KNEW IT !!! Somebody we all know and love is gonna have a huge smile on their face!

Well done, T-Man ... Roofs look FABULOUS ... tricky sheet metal work, nicely executed.

Is T-Man really Kris Kringle??? I think he might be ... he's handing out presents, and MAKING chimneys to slide down!

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Gold Stars, T-Man ... LOTS of Gold Stars!!!
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