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I have an old 1950's passenger car Lionel Clifton 2432 that I am trying to disassemble and clean. Once the four screws on the bottom are removed, the car will open a tad but I don't see how to disassemble this car. The wheels appear to be in the way and prevent the body from being removed. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi and Welcome!

I do not have a Clifton, but a Maplewood. Those two vents at the top are thumbscrews. In tinplate if the roof doesn't slide it has thumbsrews.:D

You can see a thumbscrew in the third picture of this thread.

Also the four body screws you removed are holding an insert in place to the side frame. The trucks are attached by c ckips. The roof is attached to the insert. Remove this and it will reveal all.

Be careful of the plastic windows, they are delicate.
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