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1952 Rivarossi L SP/R 4-4-2 Steam Engine "Is it a rare engine"

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I am new to the site and looking to get a little info on some engines I recently inherited from a relative who was a big model rairlroader any info would be greatly appreciated for I cant find this one on a google search which leads me to think it could be a rarer engine. It is a Rivarossi L SP/R 4-4-2 Great Northern engine #3000 All the paperwork is in italian the owners manual has a date of 1954 the original certificato says 52 in red ink stamp which I believe is the model 1952? This is a Steam Engine with tender and is as new in the original box and packaging. Is it rare? What do you think it may be worth I am thinking of selling it because I am more of a brass engine fan. Any info from the train gods would be appreciated.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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