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1957-58 - 2037 Locomotive

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I recently purchased a vintage set to replace one that my Dad got me in 1958. I haven't had my hands on trains in almost 40 years so I'm admittedly clueless. The person who sold them to me said the loco worked fine. I set up the track and connected the transformer and nothing is happening when I try to get it to go. The light does not light up. The tender does whistle so I know there's power going to the track. The engine is spotless. I doubt if was used too much in the past 51 years. The set was complete in the original box and individual boxes with all the paper work and the oil and spoke pellets. So, I don't believe there's anything drastically wrong with the thing. It's near mint. Is there something I am overlooking in the setup? Any help would be appeciated.
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2037 Steam Engine

Thanks for the quick reply. The engine does smoke. The light I was referring to is the train's "headlight". As I said, it does not light up when the power's turned on. The wheels move freely as do the center wheels. However,I did notice the the rear center wheel does not move as easily as the front.

I am in the process of downloading the basics manual you suggested. Thanks again for that. I will try powering it directly from the transformer as you described as well.

If there was a short in the track would the tender whistle anyway? My transformer does not have a light indicator. I have a feeling that if someone who knew about this were here they'd slap me on the back of the head and say, "no wonder it ain't workin', look how you set it up!" There is an off chance it got damaged in transport. Or that perhaps I didn't give the transformer time to warm up from being out in the cold for 2 days in a mail truck.

If you think of anything else please let me know. Thanks again. I've attached some photos.


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Follow Up

I tried to check it with power directly from the transformer. One wire to the center wheel, one to the outer wheel. The wheels do not move. The wires do spark on intial contact then get warm. I do feel a vibration but again, no wheel movement.
Last and, thankfully final, update! I suppose if you follow advice from the right people it pays off. I gave the loco a closer inspection. The center contact wheels were both pushed up into the cavity and were not making contact with the track. I realized that the back was not spinning as freely as the front. So I started with that. I noticed that they are both "spring loaded" and with a delicate coax got them both back into place. Unfortunately one of the curved tracks has a minor dent and sometimes the Tender derails there. But, other than that she moves fine! Thanks again for the responses.
Yes the engine's light does go on when I power up. I forgot to mention the red button on that transformer works the whistle on the Tender.
Thanks again Bob for all the information. About the transformer. I mentioned the red button operates the tender whistle. When I used it the train slowed down considerably. Almost to a complete stop. So it seems when power is drawn from the transformer to the tender it's killing power to the engine. Is this normal? Or am I back to the drawing board looking for a short somewhere?
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