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1996 Lionel Georgia Power/Olympic train set

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Per conversations with your other forum members, I'm asking for $325 + shipping. Below is a link to the thread where this all started.
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$250 + shipping.
Why didn't you just continue the other thread?:confused:

$250 is a great price, someone should jump on that.:thumbsup:

Soon you will be down to my "steal" price?:D
The first thread was just to gather info about the train. This one was to place the sale.

I'm waiting on someone to jump about $250 + shipping high.

Before it gets to your $75 steal price, Alex and I will pull it outta the wrapper and recreate that famous scene of the damsel tied to the tracks, and Dick Dastardly being blown up by Dudley Doright with M80s. :D. Wouldn't that be a shame, but soooo much fun?! :laugh:

Come on ladies and gentlemen, buy this train.
If you do that I just might give you $1.99 for the remains.:laugh:
Alex is my daughter, she's jumping at the bit to Youtube the catastrophe.


I still will give you $1.99 for the remains.:D
1 - 3 of 9 Posts