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As mentioned in my other thread, I really liked the IHC five-kit offering based on houses in Old City, Philadelphia.

I was still in High School during the waning days of IHC, when they had a retail operation in an old warehouse in a rough neighborhood. I sought out the owner - a positively ancient white-haired guy who was more than willing to answer questions. I can remember asking 'why this series' and his answer was simple - he always liked this style and decided to *just do it* (decades before Nike coined that phrase).

I walked out with the five-kit combo they offered.

This build was from the early 1990s and it shows, not only in skill level but missing shutters, gutters, downspouts, etc (which is sort of a case of art-imitates-life accidentally, since many of these homes were somewhat dilapidated in the 1980s).

PS - the metal streetlight is a 1960's vintage hand-me-down, with one of those grain o' wheat bulbs.

Oddly enough, this just popped up on my news feed today.

The home at 139 Elfreth's Alley is listed for $900,000. Built sometime before 1716, Elfreth's Alley is a residential street known as the oldest occupied public road in the United States.
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