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#4 turnout and my equipment?

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I'm using Anyrail to design my new layout. I'm using the #5 Peco turnouts from my first crack at this and I know my 60' cars and SD40-2s run well on them.

Problem is that in the Anyrail track library there is only a Peco #4 wye (code 83). A quick google search suggests no other size exists. Will this equipment be alright on a #4?

Thanks, all
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Here is a pic of the Peco #4 wye.

I don't have either your loco or the wye, however, checking
the wye in the attachment, it appears that there is little
curvature in the routes. Even tho
the loco has 6 wheel trucks I would think that
it should negotiate this wye satisfactorily.

If any of our members has experienced this situation
I do hope that they will comment.

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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