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Anyone have experience with these?
I have these questions:
1. How much more difficult to repair the 671 with "dual gears" than ones with
the single drive gear?
2. Nickel tires affect tractive effort how?
3. Tractive effort between 671 (or 2020; non-magnetraction) and 681 that has
Also will take direction to other resources; so far not sure if TTOS, LCCA, LOTS or others are worth joining/interested in these sorts of issues.

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Mike, you post where you are comfortable. Most of us do multiple forums. Generally my interests lie here. Troubleshooting, information, and beginner electronics. I answer F-3 questions because mine was a wreck and took 20 years to get it right. The turbine engines are on my list but time and money are issues. It is amazing how many little projects I am into. I did the Scouts because they are all over and the response has been positive. I encourage members to show their engines. Especiallly ones I don't have. Most people don't know what they have so I just add some advice. Here this forum has given me incentive and ideas to work out . I find fun in that. The latest was that 1015 transformer.

I know very little about the 671 or it's kin.

The nickel rims I imagine are for electric contact and durablilty. The rubber tire being the best for traction with weight being second.

Magnetraction I am not a fan of . I only have a few engines that have it and do not desire it. The cheep scout being the exception.

Postwar prices are driving me to Prewar. I would rather own an older piece even if they are common. I enjoy repairing them too.

All I can stay is stick around and have fun. You must have more than one engine?
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