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Hello everyone,
I am currently selling several hundred HO scale items on ebay. All items were purchased back in the early 90's and are all discontinued today. My plan is to have 7 items up for auction per week. For every item that sells, I'll add a new item in its place. All auctions will start and end every Saturday at 1 PM CST. So check it out, you might just find something you've been looking for.

Thank you for looking!

ATHEARN Vintage HO Scale ~ SOO LINE 50' Plug Door Box Car ATH1335 ~ Model Train

ATHEARN Vintage HO Scale ~ BURLINGTON CB&Q 55' ACF Center Flow Hopper ATH1923

ROUNDHOUSE Vintage HO Scale ~ SEABOARD SYSTEM SBD 50' 5-Bay Hopper Car RND1735

ATHEARN Vintage HO Scale~ Enjay Plastics SHPX 55' ACF Center Flow Hopper ATH1904

ATHEARN Vintage HO Scale ~ Shell Oil SCPX ACF 55' Center Flow Hopper ATH1910

ATHEARN Vintage HO Scale ~ Dow Chemical DOWX 55' Center Flow Hopper ATH1902 NOS

ATHEARN Vintage HO Scale ~ BURLINGTON NORTHERN BN Wide Vision Caboose ATH5361
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