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736 and 2034 Questions

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I am looking for a little advice on restoring my 736 and 2034.

736 - buzzes on the track depending on where the e-switch is toggled, previous owner over did the steam fluid.. That has been cleaned up along with 90% of the engine (contact cleaner, etc). Is there something else i should be looking at to get it to move? And whats the best method to get to the worm gear or get the worm gear plate off?
Its also missing the pilot truck. so suggestions on a good parts retailer would be appreciated as well.

2034 - missing parts (cross head guide) and makes a really loud not really grinding noise but lubrication seems to lessen it. This has been mostly cleaned however I can't seem to find a manual or means to disassemble to clean the axles and such.

Both tenders need to be cleaned and possibly rewired. I am running fastrack and a kw-1033 (90 watt) transformer. If anything i'd like to get both to a state in which if i have to take them to a repair person their work would be minimal.



I'll post pics or video with the successes
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