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A $9.99 surprise

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Sometime I like to go bottom fishing on ebay, and occasionally come up with a gem.

Recently I made an offer for five Illinois Central passenger cars with a Rivarossi "Casey Jones" locomotive included. Don't know why the inclusion other than old Casey engineered for the Illinois Central back in the day and was doing so when he met his demise.

So, I have five IC passenger cars with no pulling power. Looked up Illinois Central on ebay and found this bottom of the barrel AHM Temco F7 "for parts" BIN. Advertised as "Poorly running forward/reverse, broken and missing rear coupler."

Pulled off the shell and gave it a warm water sudsy bath, cleaned all the wheels and pick-ups with alcohol, cemented the broken couplers base and swapped the coupler from the front and added weight to the frame.

Put on the track and she runs very well pulling all the cars. Makes a good companion with my IC E8.

Sometimes you just find a gem.


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