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I was looking back at some of my old posts and came across my first one... I sounded like such a nub, LOL...

Well, I have a couple questions...

My main questions have to do with restoring a pre-war Lionel engine/tender... I bought it when I was younger (am 18 now) and got started on it, but did not make too much progress... I boiled it to get the paint off (this is as far as I got :()... Now I am starting up again and doing the tender first...

Actually, there are a lot of little paint chunks left on it... What is the best way to get this off without ruining the metal?

Also, is there some special paint you should use? Like are there paint codes for a gloss black (body), flat black (coal), and a golden color (rails, ladder, etc)? Then would you give it a layer of clear-coat? I do not even know if it is a good time to paint since it is winter out :(...

The last part of this is one of the trucks (I think that is what they are called, LOL)... On one, the golden metal piece which connects it to the body has come loose and can be pulled out, not the best thing to happen when rolling down the line... I was thinking about using "quicksteel" on it unless there is something more appropriate?
So what was your first post? Do you think that you have learned a lot since you first joined here? I know I have :smilie_daumenpos:

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Jeez, B&M ... ya' sound like me in my first post ... living in the land of the lost!

Thankfully, I've learned a lot from the forum crew. Ohh ... I'm still a mere ant living amongst the land of the giants ... but at least I can see the tops of the blades of grass a bit now!

And as for questions and learning in general, I threw out this anonymous quote in another recent thread ... I carry it with me in my wallet at all times:

"We have not succeeded in answering all of your questions, and the answers we have found serve only to raise a whole set of new questions. In some ways we are as confused as ever, but we believe we are confused on a higher level and about more important things."

Need one say more???


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hehe here is my :)

hi all,
i run out of free views allowed for a lurker and decided to sign up. perhaps it is a good time to join model RR community.

i first got exposed to model RR when i was 5. to this day i remember the feeling one of the one of most exciting events of my life - i seen the train and the layout that was mere oval on floor. i have no idea how long my grand pa was saving - for the second best kit available in USSR he had to spent 3 month worth of his income and that stuff wasn't just available in stores.
in early 80's , PIKO, then government owned east German company was the best that trickled in . and the best of that went to the capital, leaving other cities with just crumbs. you'd probably laugh seeing the equipment i had back then. as possibility for expansion was almost 0, we those that were lucky to have some kind of RR gathered for meetings bringing in our tracks to create somewhat bigger layouts, obviously nothing permanent. switches were almost but non existant (only came with top of the line kit, only seen it in pictures, god knows how expensive was that) so we either just did with the loop or had someone in charge of "manual switch". manual switch was a mere straight and a curved piece of sections track arranged with one underneath each other. the switch operator would snap the appropriate piece in placing the inactive underneath so it looks like a true switch :). while most kits came with simple 2 axle engine (rubber bands were holding the axles in place and providing belt transition of power from motor) i was lucky to have a true, 6 axle diesel (who knows what model) so i got to do the most driving.
to ad insult to injury the transformer (which was a luxury by itself) would not fit regular Russian wall outlet. my dad , electrician, did interesting contraption to modify the pack and make the mod reversible.
the kit was sold when we left ussr.

i never lost interest but only now, almost 20 years later, i finally have opportunity to have my own layout again. ughhh, the intro kinda got longish, well, thanks to those who made it to the end (hey, it was your idea to make me write introduction piece :D )

questions i obviously have. i'll post in appropriate sections .
thanks all!
today i know that i had a BR130 as first engine :)
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