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Aloha from Hawaii

First I would like to thanks the mods for creating a nice forum - good job

A have a few more questions

1) I have noticed that many ho scale trucks / cars seem to differ in size.
Whats brands have the most realistic scale? I have a few boley and norscot trucks - the norscot seem a little larger - ok a lot larger - also have a NZG crane that seems huge - it does not even fit onto a flatbed without the wheels hanging off.

2) Many years ago as a kid I hooked up my track switchers and they would just hum and then smoke out - what did I do wrong? - The voltage came from the tyco power supply - I have been wondering about this for many years - about 27 years to be exact - lol

3) Last question - I have seen a product that simulates water - it comes in a 16 OZ bottle - I presume it is some sort of epoxy - do you need a dark base or does it dry blue? - how does it look?

Freebie - While at Lowes - similier to Home Depot.I found paper swatches in the paint department. to my delight I found paper samples that look like bricks and rocks and marble- the detail is nice and seems close to scale. It is really a paint sample but would look nice as a sidewalk, floor, etc and the best part is they are free.

Just thought I would share.


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1) True scale is usually larger. People with large layouts like it, but it may look awkward on the average small layout . So by carefully.

2) Switches are momentary. You press and release. A heavy finger will burn the coil.

3)We just did a thread, search for it under scenery I think?

4) Search on the web, some train sites have downloadable scenery.
You can print out bricks, buildings, or just get creative and use your digital camera and a program for consistent size and use a beach for a backdrop.

Mainlander or Mainelander? LOL
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