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Hey guys,

Finding the old train in the basement the other day has given me the bug
to get back into trains (as a cheaper alternative to my other hobbies).

I had a (small) HO scale setup when I was a kid, and would like to go with that size. I am thinking about doing a setup like my grandad used to have in his shop. (it circled the whole shop and went into and out of tunnels built into his workshop shelves).

It has been so long, I dont even remember what brand my old train was.

I started looking at 'Discount Trains' and there are so many options!

Is Atlas a good brand?, and also is it best to stick mainly with one brand as far as tracks, transformers, engines, and such?

Also, I would like to have at least one train set (cars and loco) that are similar to what I see locally. (mainly CSX i think).

But I would like to get a few setups from somewhere else in the country or maybe even Canada (different lines etc...) Where would be a good place to research what train lines run in what parts of the country?

Sorry for cramming so many questions into one post. :eek:

-Tim S.

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I can't answer all the questions. discusses train watching by road name etc.
Ho scale, you will need to decide on track and couplers they are not all compatible.I am lost on the details. Some brands have different grades of track too 80 or 100.
Sounds like you have a lot of reading ahead of you.

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he is right there is a lot of reading to be done. Somethings to think about is how you will use your trains. I like diving them with my Kidd's and there Kidd's. I do not take the running of the trains to seriously as some do. I have trains that do not fit in the time line with others. But thats OK because it is mine.

There are a lot of trains running together from different manufactures.

I use Code 100 track because I have some old trains that will not run on the better looking, more realistic code 83 track

I hope you stick with it.


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I just started myself and started searching the web I am getting my very first one on Christmas after 32 years and i am making this my hobbie something i can leave behind when i'm long gonei started with a New York Central Flyer O-Scale and between looking here and joining model railroads magazine and having a image in my head that wont happen right away but I'm in no rush since i am unemployed but whatever extra i might have get a accessories here and there I'm in no rush but I love trains and watched videos and joined this forum which is very informative as well as the gallery and videos for concepts no to take peoples work that they done but make my own but like i said i have a idea. But like you i am in the same boat just find myself reading alot and learning terms and tricks of the trade (Hobbie). Good Luck Buddy any good info spread it my way even thought its a different scale i can just apply it .
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