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I have a lionel O-27 gauge train set up on a 4x8 table have some elevation. but i was wondering if i would have to get a new engine to run DCC, since mines from the 50's have a feeling DCC wont work with it.. also looking for cheap ways to make building and helpful hints on making mountains with tunnels.

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I think an old engine may run on it. You will have to ask the manufacturer. DCC is the way to go if you like engines with all the bells and whistles. You normally don't see DCC on smalll layouts

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ok thanks, and ya i just made a second 4x8 table and am going to start expanding after christmas so i can put some new stuff.

Welcome to the site.............
So now your going to have a 8x8?
Or a 12x8 L? Once you add on the second table?:confused:

Post some pictures of what you got.Then you might get some suggestions about how and where to add your mountains and stuff.

That's what the forum is for make it alive. :D Stick around and post some, no question is dumb here. Everyone can learn something. And I'm sure someone will get you answers.

There's many of ways to make mountains search the threads.
Someone will post some techniques. If they don't I will when I get some time.:rolleyes:

Go to Boston 7 Maine's page and join the O Gauger's we need a few more O men (and women) there.:)
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