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I posted the photo and words below to my Facebook this morning
Just trying to send something along to my friends to be a bit encouraging in difficult times

Then the thought - maybe we do should this - a sticky or thread of encouragement
maybe a poem - a kind word - a photo - a train photo, maybe a different subject

My granddaughter 's wedding has been postponed
A death in our community - no funeral

Encouragement - a good thing = We are friends
Some of you have been friends for many years

My post to Facebook FERN.jpg \
a cup of coffee,
a wood fern
and a toadstool
are my companions this april morning

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I'm stuck inside for two reasons.
One is conflict of the seasons...
Spring is here, but it's hard to tell,
Cuz snow has done come and fell!

The virus has us all locked up,
We hope our TP is all stocked up.
We're learning about our families again,
Yet wondering "We get to go out when?"

A lot of house work's being done,
And building trains is loads of fun.
Some are digging in their garden,
Which makes our muscles hurt and harden.

This crisis will be gone someday,
Then we can go out and play.
Till then keep your upper lip stiff,
And wear your mask when you take a whiff.

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German Shepherd Dog is the official name of the breed.

Or Deutsche Schäferhund in the German countries.

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Millstonernike it is a recipe of many in his book called the bakers apprentice by peter reinhart from around 2001.
This one is started with a pre ferment made the day before then refrigerated overnight and up to 3 days then brought to room temp cut up in small pieces and mixed in final recipe with bread flour and unbleached flour. some salt and water and instant yeast.

Our old gas oven is pre heated to 500 with empty cast iron pan on bottom after dough goes in a cup of cold water goes into the pan creating steam this is done 2 to 3 times the first few minutes then temp is turned down to 450.
Bread is done when internal temp is about 205 for these made about 30 minutes total.

Sour dough bread though is my favorite to make and uses no store bought yeast there is some starter in mason jar on fridge door staring at me every time the door is opened.

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Mine is part shepard and a wonderful family dog especially for a rescue who came from not so nice conditions. Rescued then adopted, and returned before we brought him home 9 years ago.

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I called this little ditty "Make Mine Covid, Please"

Once was a time one could tell by the waking
The day and the time and the real and the faking
But Trump's in his Emperor's tower unclothed
Vending hot deals with the devil, betrothed

Was a time from the past, burgers cost twenty cents
And cars came with bumpers to prevent needless dents
Milk was delivered by men with a smile
And neighborhood friendlies were those without guile

I remember the saying, 'Man's home is his castle'
But the bug has reneged that - I'm now just a vassel
Where my wife was once queen in her field of work
She sleeps day and night with just chocolate for perks

The expulsion of nauseous gassers, I fear
Is come to a thousand-fold toots around here
For mom and dad, manners are faithful adherents
For the rest of the crew - haven't made an appearance

By the spin of the earth do we know day and night
What happens between them's a thing of pure fright
All the monsters that lurked beneath paychecks, you see
Are roaming the streets no one's daring to flee!
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