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To reflect, it has been worth it. I learn more with every question asked. Projects abound. The reverse unit has lead to some frustration and a redesign of my table. I am currently making some arches to support the trestle near rails. Accidents occur:mad: I am adding an O scale loop.
So the track is winning over my workspace on the table. I need to expand to a shelf and a workbench. My work desk is full. Information is now being stored in loose leaf binders. I have parts, shows, technical, and electrical. I even have one on flashing LEDs. Any good thread I print out.
Paint is curing on my 612 Observation.I oversprayed the gold on the railing:eek: When I wiped it (yeah stupid) I had to redo. I still have marks so I may try again. I did come up with genuine idea. I was thinking of using pressed pennies(from machines at tourists areas) and using them on the side of the coaches. The copper goes with the green and it look like a plaque. I do not have two of a kind though. Just a tad too large. It's the large windows.

I enjoy my projects , busy is fun.


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