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Spray painting


Krylon and other brands of spray paint were traditionally lacquer-based paints. However, due to safety and environmental concerns, many spray paint cans now contain enamel(turpentine-based) paint.
Used AS DIRECTED (spraying from a foot or more away) neither type should dissolve or pit the surface of your model. However, spray cans by nature, spray their paint like a sawed off shotgun sprays buck shot. Hard to control where it goes!
If you plan to paint more than one model, especially at $150.00 apiece, I would strongly recommend buying an airbrush. You can get an airbrush and compressor for about what you paid for the model. Properly cared for they should last a lifetime.
I have two airbrushes, both bought from Harbor Freight tool Co. One is a Pashe brand dual action and the other a simple cheap single action type. While the dual action gives very fine control of the paint area, I find I use the little cheap one for most painting.
With an airbrush, you have your choice of model paints and excellent control of where the paint goes.

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