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Alco RS3 questions

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I just won an undercoated Alco RS3 unassembled, unopened kit. I have always wanted to make one of these. Now I have some basic questions.

1. I thought these were generally run long nose forward, is this correct or did it vary by road name?

2. Where these 'jack of all trades' engines like the competing GPs or did they primarily only run freight? (thinking of having it pull two passenger cars or a group of box cars).

3. Who of the following owned these: Pennsy, Conrail, Erie, Erie Lackawanna, Amtrak (I already have some other models of these and was thinking of painting it in the same scheme of something I have).
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Some RS3's, when retired by larger roads, were put into purchased and put into service by smaller RR's and shortlines.

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