I have the MTH Premier Series 3-rail locomotives listed below for sale. The cosmetic appearance of these locos is, in my opinion, "like new." I have seen no scratches, chips, cracks, scuffs, etc. on any of the models. All are in their original boxes with most all of the original packing materials, unless otherwise noted. They all appear to show what I feel is only minimal use on the wheels & rollers. (The EP-3 appears to have never been run.)

I'm an old Lionel guy and know pretty much nothing about any of the various Proto Sounds versions, DCS, electronics, etc. I do not have any of the MTH DCS controllers, so I have not even attempted to test anything. I don't know if these locos run or not. I do know that they have been sitting unused for several years and at the very least, the internal batteries will need to be recharged or replaced before these models will operate properly. The original boxes are in complete, decent condition, but are not like new and are showing some wear. At any rate, I am selling these truly gorgeous models "AS-IS, AS FOUND." I will be happy to send additional photos upon request. Anyone local to Southern California is invited to inspect these beautiful models in person.

My prices include careful packing and shipping within the lower 48 USA. I cannot ship to a P.O. Box.

SOLD 20-2257-1 New Haven Ef-3b Electric with PS-2. $295.00, shipping included.
SOLD 20-5558-1 New Haven EP-3 Electric with PS-2. No instructions, shows no running time, $395.00, shipping included.
SOLD 20-5555-1 Milwaukee Road Little Joe Electric with PS-2. $350.00, shipping included.
SOLD 20-5514-1 Great Northern Cascade W-1 Electric with PS-2. $350.00, shipping included.

I accept cash, personal checks, money orders or PayPal Friends & Family only.
For more information, please contact me by email:
Allen Drucker [email protected]