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Alton Limited

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I'm new here. I'm playing with HO trains now and getting to know the hobby.

Actually, I've had some HO stuff for several years but not a permanent layout. I get to put my track up after Thanksgiving and it has to be put away by Valentine's day.

My main train interest is in the golden age of steam. I'm interested in all "ALTON" stuff - Alton Limited, C&A, Alton&Southern, etc. I also like UP stuff and have 844, a Challenger and a Big Boy.

I also run the model trains at a local science museum on the weekends - I get to play with someone else's toys that way.
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Welcome to the forum! :smilie_daumenpos:

LOL, I used to put my layout up at the end of the school year and then take it down by Thanksgiving...

Union Pacific is a very cool line to be interested in, the Big Boy is too amazing... I have a pair of AC6000 diesels with the UP name, but they are in O scale...
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