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I posted a while back that I found an American Flyer train set, and I'm not an American Flyer guy, well I got bored and went on Craiglist -punched in American Flyer and Up popped this Slot Car set - It sat on there on craigslist a month with no takers - it was purchased by an old guy over 30 years ago at a train show - he never used it, and I do not think anyone really ever used it - decals never put on - box lid not to good but everything else was in nice shape. The guy only wanted $80.00 for it, and threw in an extra AFX set in the box for $40 more - I can not complain - just thought the American Flyer Guys and Gals would like to see it. { I know it is not a train but it was bought at a train show } I went to the Train Show in Deland FL this past weekend Got some real good deals { Bought too many engines from the '40s} anyways a lot of guys had slot cars - one guy said no one would sell him trains lately so he mixed it up. Odd times right now
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