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American Flyer Train Available

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Hi. I have an American Flyer set with a 312AC loco, six cars, a transformer, track, some switches & misc. stuff. The transformer turns on but the wipers need to be cleaned as there is only intermittent power. I haven't used the train in a couple of decades. If someone is seriously interested in putting it back in service it's free to a good home, all I ask is you pay shipping. I have a small business FedEx account so hopefully I can keep the cost of shipping reasonable. Please let me know if you're interested.


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If MOPAC doesn't get it, I'm game for it.. I do not re-sell...
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When we go to the Casino, I buy the wife and myself a drink. She then goes to play her favorite slots, and I go straight to the all you can eat buffet.
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Thats a good plan. Our buffet has not reopened since covid. I do miss it.
I will be spending most of my time in the room. I have already spent the
allotment of money. LOL, and we have not even checked in. That really is ok.
I will catch up on sleep and rest. Really tired lately.
Our buffets are open on the weekends, but not during the week...rats!!!
Sorry, I forgot. Need to show the engine and a few passenger cars. Not going to show the track, we all know what track looks like. And I think that is it. Engine needs a little work. Cross bar under cab is missing. Seems to be a common problem with K5s. Prongs are comming out of plug on engine. Never seen that before. I don't know if I can fix it or have to get another plug. Paint is nice. Not much wear and tear on it. I am just so far behind on repairs. Need to get all engines running good and get rid of some. I think sometimes i just like to buy MORE. I have 6 really nice Northerns. I
have 2 332AC, 2 K335, and 3 336. Don't need 2 of each. There are people out there that don't have any Northern.
I could use the money.
I'll be getting a new to me 336 next week or so. I made a barter deal with a friend I've been doing repairs for over the past year or so. $200 in shipping, labor, and parts buys the 336...
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Great price. I will be wanting more than that for mine. You got a deal. Does it have
large motor?
Large motor, pul-mor tires/wheels.
Another problem I will have to look into is I always turn the armature when I get a new to me loco. I can get a full rotation of the drivers, but there are 2 spots that is hard to turn. Eyeballing the drivers they look fine. Maybe it is
the linkage. I will take all the rods off and see. Well that won't work. The wheels need to be connected. Maybe take the eccentric linkage loose. I really doubt the owner had the wheels off.

Tom, as you know the sun is different this time of year. It was sunny, but sun was on other side of loco instead of behind me. But I thought good enough to post.
By taking off the connecting, you can trouble-shoot which wheel set is binding, if it is a wheel set. Maybe a bent armature shaft, not likely but maybe..The eccentric linkage, as you already know, must be in the correct position to eliminate any binding, should be a easy fix for you with your knowledge.
It appears you have set # 5114 with the 312AC, 2 650's and a 718. Nice.
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