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American Flyer Train Available

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Hi. I have an American Flyer set with a 312AC loco, six cars, a transformer, track, some switches & misc. stuff. The transformer turns on but the wipers need to be cleaned as there is only intermittent power. I haven't used the train in a couple of decades. If someone is seriously interested in putting it back in service it's free to a good home, all I ask is you pay shipping. I have a small business FedEx account so hopefully I can keep the cost of shipping reasonable. Please let me know if you're interested.


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Older Lionchief remotes, can be paired to a universal remote, which can be paired to Bluetooth.
Unfortunately that will not operate a Legacy engine.
You could stick a Bluerail bluetooth board in the engine, or between the power supply and the track.

Im working on the latter, bluetooth track throttle.
Mopac, do you have a smart device? Phone or tablet? asking for a friend.
I do have an android smart phone.
Might I suggest using that phone to take photos, then emailing them to yourself. You could also just pull this forum page up on the phone, and post the photos that way.
Cheers !
1 - 5 of 76 Posts