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Pretty wild paint scheme. It reminds me of some modern European locomotives. They love their fancy paint jobs over there!

Nice sized train with it. How well does it pull?


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Hi Tom, typical MTH in regards to pulling power and smoke, top of the bar. Been running this guy for many, many years, never skips a beat.

A photo of the real deal Amtrak / USPS Genesis.


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Cool, I never saw that train.
Somehow celebrating the Postal Service?
( I googled that now )

Stamps all over it, I have a ton of stamps. I have not bought any for a while now.

Odd, but cool train. :smilie_daumenpos:

And of course you have a model of it.
What don't you have?:p:thumbsup:

You have to get the matching cars now?
It looks like someone made them?
Or do you have them already?
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