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Yesterday I picked up a Lionel hi-cube at a local train show custom painted to look like an Ann Arbor PS-1. It looked weird with the modern doors, the lack of a running board and the lobster-claw couplers so I turned it into a decent representation of a PS-1.

I added new doors, I had a set of Weaver doors which had to be trimmed to fit in the door tracks. They were painted Boxcar Red.

I built a roof walk exactly to the length of the car from cut up pieces from a Railking cylindrical hopper.

I drilled 1/4 inch holes for the MTH trucks and added scale couplers. I can overlook the lack or full height ladders and the lowered modern style brake gear molded on to the car. The car is a scale 40' odd for a Lionel traditional car. Overall it was a pretty good $10 investment.
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