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I recently bought a restored 2955, pic from Ebay below, which has the Shell decal but the one on the right shows 715 only. The frame is marked 2955. The seller added postwar couplers during the restoration. They are similar to, but not the same as the 715 couplers. When I asked him about the couplers, he said that some of the 2955's had those???????

I doubted his explanation and then I found a 715 on Ebay.
This car is a 715 with a Shell decal which was only in 1940. The decal on the right side shows 2955 but also shows 715 just to the left of it. When I asked him about the frame, it was marked 715.

Both these cars are lookers with the 715 being original and the 2955 a restoration. Going through this investigation ,made me think of Doc's Torpedo Locos and their variations. I am sure he would be all over this. Sorry we lost him.

If anyone wants to take up his sword, I would love to hear your thoughts.
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