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Anyone have 1:48 "Dollhouses" on their layout?

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Recently I stumbled, somehow, on an ebay website for 1:48 scale dollhouses, with dozens of types and sizes. Then I found Amazon sells many. All sorts of furniture and stuff is available, too, along with building summplies like contact paper for flooring and roofing, etc.

They look good in pictures, but I have never seen one.

Anyway, anyone ever used one of these? They are O-Gauge scale.
The biggest in the photos below is a bit more than 12 by 12 inch footprint, the ads say.

Photograph Landmark Architecture Property Text
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Lee my local Hobby Lobby has those houses and all kinds of furniture and related stuff. I don't know the scale. I do know too big for my American Flyer/S scale so maybe they are correct for 1:48. Check there to see what you think as to scale.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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