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I bought a collection of G Scale trains from a friend to get some new stuff, and these 3 U25b's are excess inventory. My friend collected these trains for his kids, but they never caught the bug. I am selling these for $150 each or 3 for $400. BUT, I do not have the original boxes for them, so I cannot ship them safely. (I ship N Scale stuff with no problems, but G Scale won't allow that.) IF you live in northern Illinois, you could pick them up up at my house if you bring cash, or I could deliver them. I lubed the noisier trucks with Aero-Locomotive Works N-Gel gear lube and added some thrust washers to the worm shafts, and now they run very quietly, better than new. I made a video of these engines running on my indoor layout and uploaded it @
I bought about twice the amount that I wanted to keep, so I have a lot of other G Scale stuff to sell also. If you are interested, just email me and I will make a list of what I am selling. Here are some photos of the engines.

Forrest S.


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