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Armature Lube in manual doesn't match actual

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It looks like there's a set screw plug in my armature shaft hole. I put a drop of oil and it did not drain. Smallest allen wrench I had was 1.5mm and was too large. Is that a plug?


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The set screw in the brushplate is to adjust the up-and-down play of the armature.

The diagram showing the lube put into the hole is for a more modern motor without the set screw. You can oil the top bearing of the armature by removing the setscrew. Replace the setscrew until it contacts the armature shaft, then unscrew it about a half turn and run the motor.

Document page 15-32 (page 381 in the total document) shows the parts breakdown for the motor of your locomotive.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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