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Well, first off, im not sure if this should be in the HO section or in the DCC section but ill post it here i guess.

I recently went DCC!! Now, im still new to Model Trains and went with what will work for me and my layout. Im using the Bachmann EZ Command system as i dont have a need or even space to run anymore then 10 locos. Also, it is very user friendly and very easy to work with. I really dont need all the extra things other units can do that this one cannot. I picked it for $70 dollars at a local Train Shop which seemed pretty friendly to my wallet.

I also just finished installing my first two decoder installs into a pair of Athearn BNSF GP38-2's. These models are not DCC ready/equipped so I went with Digitrax DH123D decoders and soldered the wiring up myself. It was super easy to do!! ( thanks youtube :laugh: ) I wanted to do one with sound but with the very limited space, ill save this future project for a Dash-9 or similar engine!

I found that there is pretty limited space under the shell as it sits very very snug to the motor on both sides aswell as ontop of it. So placement for the decoder was tricky to get it to sit where it dose not rub or bind the engine / trucks.

I left the origonal cabin light in place as im not to sure how to add another form of lighting just yet. Though i would like to know, if i wanted to add a second bulb, same as the cabin bulb, could i use it for rear lighting? I know id have to fabricate a mounting plate and then run the required wiring to it. Would i need anything else? Or is it pretty much a straight forward install to??

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