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Athearn motor mounts

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does anybody have a few motor mounts they would want to give away or trade for ? I need a couple for a gp60 i am rebuilding.

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I recently bought an Athern GP-35 that I bought at a train show. It had the stock motor replaced with a better can motor. To fit it in they had set it into a bed of caulk. The caulk is holding it firmly in place. Also it dampers it. It does not look good but seems to be working great, and also no one sees the internal of the loco.
so what did the do ? just squirt the caulk in the bottom of the frame? then set the motor in it and let it dry? somebody else said this makes them dcc friendly as well . I`m curious how do they get the ground to the motor so that it runs if that is the case?
I run DC not DCC. The one that I have like this has one wire from the motor to the truck. The second one goes from the motor to the frame. It is attached with solder only.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts